Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

The Pool is open from May 15th to October 15th, daily by reservation from 9AM to 10PM, excepting sanitization and maintenance windows. Additionally the pool is open daily during the season from 6AM to 8AM for lap swimming. (read more…)

Does your Peloton require spin or cycling shoes?

Yes, our Peloton bike is as delivered from the manufacturer, at this time you must have cycling shoes comparable with the Look Delta three bolt cleat system. There are not standard or clipless baskets on the bike at this time.

Condominium Purchase Information

All condos are privately/individually owned.  You should contact a real estate agent or check one of the real estate sites for condos for sale or for rent.  Currently there is high demand for a limited inventory so condos tend to sell quickly.


Are your condos available for short term vacation rentals?

Many are but you will often find demand to be high and availability to be low.  All units are independently owned, some are full time or part time residences, others are long term rentals and others are available as short term rentals.  You will find most of the units cross-listed on all the major booking platforms.  Prices for the same units can vary so shop around a bit.

Westport by the Sea Document Requests

All document requests by lenders, real estate professionals, escrow companies, title companies and other third-parties related to Westport by the Sea, Phase III COA (Buildings 5-13) are are processed and fulfilled by HomeWise. (read more…)