HOA Committees Formed

The board has voted to form the following committees and are currently looking for owners and residents interested in improving our communities.  Bring your ideas and join us!  Send a message and let us know how you would like to participate.

  • WBTS Social Squad — Joni Rodgers, Chair (Squad@WBTSCOA.org)
    Our goal is to build and nurture a fun, connected, inclusive community at Westport by the Sea by organizing activities that bring owners/residents together for fun, food, music, games, and lively conversation. (Troy Meyers, Board Liaison)
  • Landscape/grounds committee —  Chair Needed.   (Landscape@WBTSCOA.org)
    (Carol Ulis, Board Liaison)
  • Welcome committee — Chair Needed  (Hello@WBTSCOA.org)
    (Troy Meyers, Board Liaison)
  • Annual picnic committee — Linda Dunk, Chair  (Picnic@WBTSCOA.org)
    (Linda Dunk, Board Liaison)